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Baby Games

Criatividade Educativo

Baby Games - a collection of free fun toddler games to entertain and keep your baby happy. Ideal for a one year old or a two year old babies and infants.Includes the following fun Baby Games:Burst the balloons: This game improves your baby's hand-eye coordination by popping balloons moving across the screenFireworks: Touch the rockets to see the fireworksAnimal Sounds: Touch the animals to hear the sound they make. Animal sounds include cat, dog, farm animals.Car noises: Includes car, plane & train sounds.Peek-a-boo: Touch the screen to play peek-a-booWhack-a-mole: This baby games features a mole which your baby has to hit quickly before it disappears
Each of these free Games Include a toddler lock screen which can enabled in Settings so your baby can have fun without accidentally making calls by pressing the Menu, Back or Search buttons while playing.To unlock simply press the buttons 1,2,3,4 in order.Lock screen limitation: Google does not allow disabling of the Home button so this cannot be locked by the lock screen in this app.
If you have any issues or improvements for Baby Games please email